Friday, December 17, 2010

Whos that girl?

Bah. That is all I have to say about this entire week. Just, Bah. 
Surgery is not glamorous, in fact it is horrible which is why, after 4 days of laying down on my right side (because fuck knows why lying on my back or left side is uncomfortable) I have finally sat up and got dressed. You know how some people say that they just want to stay in the pajamas for days and do nothing? Yeah those people are idiots, its boring and after a while you feel kind of yuckie.
Im dressed head to toe in black, mourning the death of my social life this weekend, bar my burberry scarf, thats reminding me that all hope is not lost and it really isn't the end of the world, even though I'm being dramatic and making it out to be so. 
Key hole surgery, two friggin holes in my abdomen have caused me the most discomfort I think a human being should be allowed to experience. I mean I know its no heart transplant but fuck if I'm whining about this everybody that has undergone ANY surgery has my deepest sympathies. 

AAAAAnyway with so much time on my hands and the inability to move around without severe pain these past couple of days I haven't done much but cry a little here and there, watched massive amounts of Gilmore Girls and Charmed (give me a break, I've just had an operation I think I deserve to watch tv shows that the vast majority frown upon) and thought. Oh, its so dangerous. Boys are stupid. Enough said about that. 
Also, I've been looking through photos and laughing at all the 16 year olds at rats and derby and instead of thinking to myself "fuck, I'm so glad I'm not that gay" I actually kind of miss the dirty streetparty nights when I was underage. These days, shits died down. All I do is work and work and when I'm not at working I'm thinking about work...This isn't how an 18 year old that is not even 2 months out of school should be living. Sure I'm making vast amounts of money and I frown upon the inferior that rely on the doll (MUHAHAHHA, what? I'm a bit of a bitch) but theres just no more fun. I miss the partying days...oh christ I sound like my sister. I want to be a stupid teenager again, there was just so much more excitement!
One of the jobs is going to have to go :( 
Alright, I have to pee which is now an hour long task: 1. Get up without hurting stitches 2. Walk 3. Keep walking 4. Sit down......I wont go into the gory detials cos I'm pretty sure you know how to take a piss, my point is, is that it takes forever. 


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