Friday, December 17, 2010

Pinch me.

I taste like bubblegum. Kiss me. 


I think that I should write this dream down before I forget any part of it, not that I ever think I could. This was a while ago, and it was morning when my family was in my room watching me because I was sitting up in bed screaming and crying like I was being murdered, then I lay down and was completely calm. I woke up a minute after that in actual pain, it was the most disturbing dream I have ever had in my life. aaaanyway...


I remember I was at this camp place and it was all girls, it was like my year 7 camp except girls from my new school where there as well. I was about lunch time and everyone was kind of quietly sitting around on the benches outside eating those really good salad roles that the lunch ladies used to make. Anyway, my friend Olivia (who I am not really close with so I found this odd) was with me and she asked me to come with her to the bathroom. So as we got up I looked around and the scene looked normal but it didn't feel right. So we got to the bathroom and they looked like festival toilets, you know those long cubical ones they have at big day out and good vibes? Except these were dirty which grossed me out but I had to pee so whatever. I opened the door to the cubical and it looked worse, I closed the door behind me and turned around. The back of the door was filthy but looked like it was about to break from all the scratches on it. They were tiny scratches but they looked violent because of the obvious blood through the bare wood. Further up on the door was a frame with pictures in it. Now normally these frames have adds for tampons or the pill but these were a series pictures of a pregnant woman covered in blood with a figure standing next to her holding a coat hanger. In each picture she looked like she was in agony and the final one was her lying on the floor with a baby next to her. I realized these pictures were of a woman having a home abortion and the scratches and blood on the door were from girls doing the same.

I screamed and got the hell out of the cubical only to find Olivia on the floor in a pool a blood and a baby in the sink of the bathroom. I ran out screaming for help but I wasn't going fast enough and I didnt know why so. I looked down and saw my enormous belly, I was pregnant too. This wasn't year 7 camp, outside the bathroom was a chapel and signs saying something about abomination and salvation, I had to get out. I saw my Lit teacher Debbie and ran toward her screaming that they were trying to take my baby, but she grabbed onto me and held me down. Then it ended.


Reading over this made me feel disgusting, but I had to write it down. 


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