Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its the third day of summer and I tend to do this thing where when the seasons change I wish for the last one to come back, but when I have it I don't want it. Its like me and guys. Anyway this post isn't about males, as stupid as they are I'm sorry I need to take my mind off it for a few minutes. 
I love socks and heels, chunky socks and chunky heels make me purr a little. Not only is it warm but it can go either way, like shopping and then to a dinner and afterward for drinks. Because its heels, its dressy but the socks make it casual. Going for that whole "oh i just woke up like that" look works well with this, wear your hair in a loose bun (day) and then let it out so its naturally wavy at night you'll have some added effortless sex appeal with your martini. 
If you have daddy long legs then wear this with jeans, but otherwise with the socks on top of stockings then go a little dress and coat, oversized scarf and cute tea cosy...tres chic lady. 
And on a last note, just because I love it, red lippy. Because it to can be cute, sophisticated, sexy and just plain cool. Enjoy the snow you lucky bitches. 

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