Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quest for the perfect dress

After being at work for a million days straight (and I'm not exaggerating!!) I had been lusting after a summer dress, a flowy, pretty yet cool summer dress. One that I can wear to the beach,to shopping to drinks and be seriously comfortable in. 
Working at David Jones as you can understand my options are infinite, so during my shifts while styling customers I was pretty much shopping. Have I mentioned that I love my job? Anyway I tried on dress after dress after dress, however One Teaspoon, Bec & Bridge, Maurie and Eve, Sass&Bide and somehow even Zimmermann let me down. Not knowing what I should really do, because apart from my time at DJ's I don't really get to shop anywhere else, I would have to put off the ESSENTIAL summer dress until mid Jan when I had some time off. This thought was a little painful, I had new years coming up, birthdays sooooooo 
many birthdays, festivals, markets and beaches to attend and I did not have it :( Sitting at my counter I happened to look to the right hoping that something would just come at me, and it did. It was THE summer dress and why the hell had I not seen it before? Collette by Collette Dinnigan was in the middle of Zimmerman and Goot so very hard to miss! But I saw it and I HAD to have it. 
Now, I know what you're thinking that might be a bit pricy but thank the lord for trusty mark downs and a discount I got that dress at a price you would think was illegal. This dress exceeds all levels of comfort, it feels like I'm hardly wearing anything at all, and I know that living in Melbourne the weather is crap, but when its hot, boy is it hot! This dress has got the flowy factor so I can at least breathe, Its casual enough to just put over my sandy wet bikini and walk to the fish and chip shop in on a beach day but also dressy enough to pair with strappy heels an up do and loads of jewelry for a cocktail in the city. It also has an empire line, and honestly thats just a friggin bonus! 
So that was my quest for the perfect summer dress and this should be the criteria for when you buy yours! Even if it is a maxi (mine isn't, its just on the knee) make sure you can wear it a million ways and you feel like a dream because its so comfortable. God knows that during summer the last thing we want is to feel like shit because of our out fit when we're out (less confidence is a no no in summer). Make the dress and investment piece that you know will last you at the very least 2 summers, this way you can splurge a little and buy something (maybe designer) that is also coveted but the general population. 
Happy summer everybody! xox

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