Monday, January 24, 2011

In a mood.

Not THE mood you sicko. This entry is not fashion related so click away now if you can't handle that. 
Work. For a good 2 months there I worked my little (now massive) ass off at 2 jobs, everyday I would have to say "no I'm sorry I can't work another 5 hours, thats illegal" Both companies wanted me, and now no one does. I know its only been a week of going to bed at whatever hour, waking up whenever I want and watching bad tv all day long, but seriously I'm not the type of person that can do this all the time. I NEED to work. I know that this, as my co workers like to say "hiatus", won't last, and you're damn right I'm feeling sorry for myself, but I don't care because I'm in a funk. 
More importantly, this little "holiday" I am on, means I don't get paid. From the moment I could, I got a job and paid for myself, my phone bill, clothes, shoe addiction and whatever the hell else I wanted to do but now... I cant. 
Trust me dear reader I'm thinking the same thing as you "SHUSH, YOU'RE NOT DYING NOR ARE YOU PROVIDING FOR YOUR HUNGRY 3 CHILDREN" Half of my conscience is judging me too and please don't hate me for this post but not being able to do, not being able to be productive, wasting my day and not being motivated enough to even work out is driving me freaking nuts! 


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