Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but lies...

Having been doing this (blogging) for some time now, I have always put a label to my blog that is recognizable by the people that know me. My name for starters was a stupid idea, 7 letters into google, also known as the universe, and 'hello sailor' there I am. I think that if you're going write something you shouldn't hold back on your readers, give the people what they want, spit it out, get it off your chest, scream it out loud...just fucking say it, and with people knowing that it is actually you writing then you have to hold back and watch what you say. Yeah well, I've had enough. So here it is...and I hope you like every bit of it, the brutal truth, the fashion, other peoples misfortunes, my constantly bored and wondering mind that will make you ask yourself why the hell you would read this shit in the first place...I knowI'm the only one that does.

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