Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Waiting room saga

This Christmas I woke up with the flu. The following day my parents left for a week and I am still as disgusting as I was 3 days ago and I want my mum. Not only can I not breathe through my nose, I keep coughing up parts of my lung and I am stuck in a waiting room of a walk in doctors clinic with 12 other people and that's not including the 8 children. thanks very much to my gp and all other private doctors in my area for being on holidays! What takes doctors so long anyway? I have this image of us all getting one persons illness and its actually the zombie virus and we all kill and eat each other, that or the crazy guy in the corner will shoot us all either way I think I'll die here before I'm seen. I wouldn't be here if my stupid work didn't need a medical certificate for everyday that someone was away, which I think is the dumbest rule most places it if you've been away more than a day then go get one but no my company has to have a great big stick up its ass and make my life a living hell. Less than a month till I'm out of that place and I'll be in new York. Fuck I can't wait. Maybe I'll pretend to faint or vomit and force a blood nose to get seen quicker! Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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